November 21, 2020
From Chehalis River Food Not Bombs

It meant a lot to see y’all there and it was encouraging to get together and make those connections. We set up our table, with literature, but without a banner, and worked for longer than we had expected to and the rainy weather didn’t matter a bit  (no surprise there). Discussions took place about what food not bombs is, how it operates, and what our local chapter could offer to the community. There are now multiple people interested in making decisions in this group. A Signal chat has been established for organization and coordination and we are looking at other secure communication platforms as well. We hope to be doing this action again next Saturday, and want to see more people out for the food.

We will need:

  • A BANNER!! Every Chapter needs a banner to let people know we are NOT another charity.

  • People willing to pick up and/or store produce from local shops/farms, either in their own fridges or in community fridges (coming soon)

  • People willing and able to cook vegan food either at their own home or at our communal kitchen (coming soon)

  • People willing to deliver and/or table cooked food and political literature AS Food Not Bombs

  • Those willing and able to help build above referenced communal kitchen

If you want to get involved in Food Not Bombs, you DO NOT need to join our secure comms, you can contribute by sharing your excess resources, sharing our posts, picking up food and dropping it to a community fridge, volunteering with the Community Fridge Brigade, showing up at an event to support us and eat, etc. These activities and others can be managed over social media. If you want to help organize behind the scenes, it will mean making decisions together as to when and where to pick up food, where to store it, cooking it, and coming together to table it in a visible place where the need is greatest. This will require some way to coordinate with us. Security concerns prohibit us from organizing on social media and therefore you will have to join our secure comms channels. Our hope is to make this as accessible as possible to allow for anyone with any tech skills can join. We are also looking at software that will allow those with phones only to call in to any group meetings we have. Semi-frequent in person meetings will also need to happen since we realize there are plenty of those without so much as a phone. We are working towards these goals and many more, and hope to have your help in this effort.

To get involved or contact us please follow us here, email us at, or on our socials all of which can be found at our Linktree.

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