June 4, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

The G7 is coming to Cornwall. . . and so is resistance! Join the Resist G7 Coalition – RG7 – and get involved
Join the protests by the sea – the weather is looking lovely. Help ruin the G7 Leaders carve up of the planet…and watch the riot cops running around, in the heat, on the sand, in full riot gear!

International days of action – keep checking the website & social media for updates – FB / Twitter + Stay up to date with announcements, useful information, upcoming meetings and requests for help on telegram channel.

11th June – – More details to follow.
12th June – 
13th June –  Repression and surveillance day of action including a RG7 Kill the Bill demo (FB event link)
Camping and workshops – RG7 has organised safe camping accommodation. Accommodation will be available from Wednesday 9th June and will be in mid/west Cornwall. Workshops and trainings will take place on 10th June.

Where are things happening?
There are two main venues being used by the G7: Leaders are meeting and staying at the Carbis Bay Hotel and Tregenna Castle, Carbis Bay, West Cornwall
The international media centre is at the Martime Museum, Events Square, Falmouth
Protests will be taking place in Falmouth and around the Carbis Bay area/West Cornwall. Trains run between Falmouth and St Erth (the nearest train station to the exclusion zone) with one change. They take, on average, about 1 hour, 15mins. A return day ticket costs £9.10
Note – The police have allocated two sites in Cornwall for protest, one in Truro and one in Falmouth. RG7 is boycotting these sites. RG7 does not talk or liaise with the cops. Cops will not be welcome into any of our spaces. Please respect this if you’re part of any RG7 spaces or events and don’t talk to them!

From the Resist G7 website:

Who we are:
The Resist G7 Coalition is made up of local, national and international groups who’ve come together to build resistance and positive alternatives to the G7. This isn’t about opposing one summit. It’s about building on and creating a legacy, of showing what’s possible when diverse groups come together and start organising the world we want to see. We believe in a world where we put people and planet before profit, where justice means justice on a global scale, where wealth is shared equally and not pocketed by the 1%. Our world should not be a play thing for the rich. It belongs to all of us. And it’s down to us, the people, to stand together, to resist, and to create the future we want to see. The world leaders at the G7 aren’t going to do it for us. The system needs changing. And if we want change, we have to act.

Why protest the G7?
The G7 is a meeting of the world’s most powerful political leaders. These leaders govern the richest countries in the world and the G7 exists to keep it that way.  Global capitalism is the default setting. The system that creates vast inequalities, both in the UK and around the world, is presented as the only option. It is this system that is seeing our NHS sold off to the highest bidder, that allows people to queue in the snow for foodbanks while pandemic contracts worth billions are siphoned off to friends of government ministers.

Legal support
Including legal observers and arrestee support will be in place. If you’re a trained legal observer and can help, please email independent_legal_observers@protonmail.com. Again volunteers with cars will be needed to help with police station support. Know Your Rights trainings and legal briefings will be available at the camp.

Finally, please donate to the Go Fund Me to help make sure there is the money to make this happen and help build a solidarity fund to support people arrested.

Stay safe & take care everyone!

Source: Alternativebristol.com