June 3, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Last year 2020, apparently, there was a survey done by the
marketing and public relations firm Edelman, the result of that survey
was that 57% of people worldwide said that capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world”.
We the ordinary people of the world didn’t need a survey to tell us the
capitalist system is crap, millions live with this “harm” day and
daily, we are well aware of and living with, the monstrous ecological
damage the system of capitalism spews across the planet. Of course the
result of the survey doesn’t mean that the powers that be and their
survey merchants have decide to call a halt to their sacred greed driven
exploitative system of capitalism. No, what they want to convince us of
is that capitalism can move to a new stage, a fair and sustainable
system, it just needs a little adjustment here and there. This new
adjusted capitalism will of course not see the end to £150 million
private yachts, private jets, personal luxurious mansions dotted around
paradise islands, tax havens, where billions of £s are salted away for
personal use. These plundered “privileges” will still be reserved for
the masters of the system and their backside licking cronies. It will
mean that the exploitation of the many, to maintain this imbalance, will
be painted “green” and in all possibility jobs will be more precarious
as the capitalist beast writhes and slithers to survive. 

So it appears that 57% of the world’s population now accept capitalism
is a harm to the people and the planet, will that be the tipping point
where we, the ordinary people come together and start to dismantle this
cancer that is eating our very existence. A realisation that it can’t be
adjusted, reshaped or re-modelled into a fair and just system, it can
be nothing but an exploitative system that benefits the few at the
expense of the many. The answer is to abandon and destroy capitalism in
all its various guises and start with a community based system of free
association, mutual aid, fair and just distribution of the fruits of our labour, a
system of sustainability that sees to the needs of all our people, free
from the cancerous force of profit.

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