May 10, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        I have always maintained that the anger of the people murmurs just below the surface, and it is a righteous anger. The state and capitalism together are an extremely oppressive system that not only exploits the people but thwarts their hopes of a fair and decent world. The people live day by day watching inequality grow and the ever growing repression to protect that inequality. For how long will that anger simmer below the surface, for how long will the people accept injustice, inequality and a pampered privileged few wallowing in opulence at the people’s expense?
       Now and again the anger erupts and floods the streets of cities and towns with the fury of years of pent up frustration at this insane and unjust system. It has happened in the past and been brutally crush by the force of state militarism, but it never dies. Today we are seeing more and more of that pent up fury being unleashed and taking revenge on the symbols of the state/capitalist system and its inherent corruption. The world is on the verge of one final eruption of the people’s anger, hopefully this will not be Kronstadt, 1921, Spain 1939, or Paris 1968, but the final elimination of the insanity of capitalism and the brutality of the state. 
The Murmur of the Poor.
Brokers, bankers, Earls, and Dukes,
callous, mercenary, pirate crew
gasconading through the land
bloated, pampered, privileged few.
Striding with selfish arrogance
plundering as you go
grasping at the fruits
the common people sow.
Take heed, you swaggering fat-cats
in our world you don’t belong,
that murmur you hear is the poor
rehearsing an angry song.
The day is fast approaching
when our chorus loud you’ll hear,
then all your greed and treachery
will surely cost you dear.
A price you’ll pay for being blind
to the hungry at your door,
Oh, haste the day our angry chorus
becomes a mighty roar.

       In Bogotá on the evening of May 4, 25 neighborhood police stations (CAI) were attacked: “3 burned, 3 others completely destroyed by looting and 19 out of order by vandalism. And the most outrageous one is located in the Aurora neighborhood, where a dozen cops were inside when it burned. This is obviously a fair return of the flame, after the forty or so demonstrators killed by the uniforms, without even mentioning the hundreds of injured (846 officially, of which 22 lost an eye) or the 89 desaparecidxs counted, sometimes abducted in the street by plainclothes cops or the military. It is also worth noting that the Minister of Defense reported 216 shootings against cops in one week, and 579 cops injured in one week, including 25 hospitalized.
        The military has not only been deployed in Cali since last Friday, but also on several highway tolls with armored vehicles to protect them from the attacks of the last few days, to control the movements from one city to another, to maintain a minimal supply of goods which is mainly done by trucks (and to avoid their looting at these stopping points)… and to have a good pretext to strike the spirits with butchers in fatigues who bring an additional level of state terrorism against the revolting people
       In the same vein as the destruction of neighborhood comicos, we can point out the warm initiative of Cali rioters, who managed to flush out the lair of the fierce anti-riot cops (Esmad, Escuadrón Móvil Antidisturbios) recently arrived in the city: the famous La Luna Hotel, near the city center. After six hours of fierce confrontations all day long on May 3, with more injuries and businesses destroyed or looted, demonstrators managed to set fire to the hotel structure that was too hospitable for the assassins, destroying the entire second floor (in addition to the rest).

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