October 30, 2021
From RiseUp4Rojava

The fascist Turkish state and their islamist mercenaries are robbing the resources of EfrĂźn and selling them all over the world. The goods witch are mostly robbed and being sold are the rich Olive harvests and also fruits and vegetables. They are fabricated in Turkey and in the fabrics of kurdish farmers and citizens witch were displaced  by the occupiers and their property taken by the islamist gangs and militias.

Various products are made from the looted goods and then sold worldwide. The selection of products ranges from soap, spice blends, various vegetables and olive oil and olives.
The region of Efrün is famous for its olive plantations and the “Aleppo soap” made from olives.
The looted goods are then packaged by various Turkish logistics companies and transported to Europe and North America, where they are sold both online wholesale and in small supermarkets and stores.
The benefit is being cutted and goes to the jihadist collaborators and Turkish colonizators.

Organisation of the Trade-Network of EfrĂźns robbed resources:
Here we provide you a summary of the largest networks and sellers known to date in Europe and North America (PDF-document):

Source: Riseup4rojava.org