January 7, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)
          In this world in the grips of insanity and savage brutality in the name of power and wealth, it is no surprise that the powers that be turn a blind eye to such atrocities as the Zionist genocide of the Palestinian people and seizure of their lands, the Turkish state’s war crimes against the people of Rojava. Our media is filled with how bars, restaurants, airlines are suffering because of covid19 and are screaming for tax payers money to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. The destruction of lands and killing of its people doesn’t seem to register with their mind set.
       It is up to the ordinary people of this world to take to task the fascist Turkish state the Zionist genocide brigade and their bedfellows, among them all the major states on the planet.
      This call for support from the fighters of Rojava should receive all the solidarity and support we can muster, their dream can be our tomorrow.

The following from Enough is Enough:

Originally published by Anarkismo.

        Embargo, cutting off water sources and air strikes against civilians have been some of the war crimes committed by the fascist Turkish state throughout this year against the revolution in Rojava.
       While facing the internal political and economic crisis, the Erdogan government has to accept the failure of the military operations in the mountains of Kurdistan, appealing to the use of chemical weapons, in the face of the resistance of the Kurdish warriors of the revolution.
       The intensification of the attacks last October, the flyers launched from the aeroplanes and the recent troop movements threaten a new invasion of the autonomous territories in the North and East of Syria.
       At this delicate moment, we want to reaffirm our solidarity with our revolutionary comrades and all the peoples of Rojava and condemn once more the occupation of Rojava, the multiple aggressions and war crimes of the Turkish neo-fascist state and its jihadist allies, as well as their preparations for war.
      The Rojava Revolution, which is about to celebrate 10 years, and together with the free Kurdish mountains, represents not only a grassroots democratic and federalist alternative for the Middle East, but for the peoples of the world.
      In this 21st century of economic, social and ecological crisis, in a world transformed into a junta of great powers and capitals for financial speculation; the struggle and creation of projects of a different society have a global strategic role. The Rojava revolution, with its strong roots in the struggle of women, the deepening of democracy with broad popular participation and the protection of the environment, is a revolutionary example of these times from which the peoples of the world must learn.
      It is not a coincidence that since its beginning thousands of people all over the world have risen up in solidarity with the heroic resistance of Kobanê against the fascist forces of ISIS.
      ISIS, a criminal, obscurantist and fascist group, whose creation was facilitated by the disastrous US military intervention in Iraq, the funding and support of Saudi Arabia, and which has the ideological and tactical support of the Turkish state, and whose fighters were recycled as mercenaries for the invasions of Afrin and Serekanyie, and are now preparing to invade Rojava as a paramilitary force of the Turkish army.

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