March 3, 2021
From Act For Freedom

via: Translated by Act for freedom now!


Once again we are bringing all our solidarity to the prisoners locked up in the jail where a year ago 9 people were murdered during revolts and transfers to other prisons.
In March 2020 the State carried out a massacre in dozens of prisons all over Italy. The decisions that led to it came from above, from the Ministry of Justice. It is there that we want to vent our anger, reach that place in every city to send their responsibilities back to whom they belong.
A year has passed since that 8th of March 2020, when, as the streets were emptying because of government orders imposing “Stay at home!” on everyone, inside the jails in Italy and many countries in the world, those who were locked up cried out their anger and fear. The revolts and the forms of protest were many.
The State’s response was brutal: 14 prisoners known to be dead so far. Thirteen of them in prison corridors in Modena, Alessandria, Verona, Ascoli, Parma, Bologna, Rieti; another died after being taken to the hospital of Rieti.
Torture in the form of beatings and humiliation. And then accusations and trials against prisoners: in Bologna, Modena, Frosinone, Milano Opera, Milano San Vittore, Roma Rebibbia, Foggia, Pavia.
Yet it is only thanks to these revolts that we were forced to remember the conditions of those who spend their daily lives in such places.
Places where the pandemic has only worsened a situation already on the verge of collapse.
Dilapidated places, overcrowded, with a totally inefficient sanitary set-up.
As its only response, the State with its ramifications has turned the prisons into actual fortresses, closed to everything and everybody except the guards and those who work there and bring the contagion inside. As proved by the many positive cases in the 41bis units under a regime of total isolation.
Visits with loved ones and lawyers have been suspended as well as any kind of activity, including work and education, while prisoners continue to be piled up inside the cells.
In this long year the voice of those who live all this abuse on their skins and the condition of people who can be sacrificed has never stopped making itself heard. Testimonies, protests and an exposé submitted by five courageous prisoners brought to light what really happened during and after the revolts in Modena and the other jails, for the memory of the14 dead prisoners not to be sullied. Deaths liquidated with a hurried vague “Mostly due to drug-taking”, words of minister Bonafede.
Beyond what the trumpets of power are squealing, we know very well who those responsible for the14 dead are.
A year after the massacre carried out in the jails we want to bring all our solidarity to those who rebelled and those who chose to come out and talk publicly about uniforms stained with blood, about truncheons and gunshots.
The State is defending itself, its structures, its staff and its bureaucrats. It wants them to remain unpunished and untouchable.
The choice of not giving them any respite is up to us.
Terrorist killer is the State!