August 24, 2021
From AMW English

Responding to the call from comrades in Atlanta for an 8/18 day of action in solidarity with the struggle to defend the Atlanta forest; vandals broke into the office complex housing Corporation Service Company’s (CSC) regional office in Roseville, a suburb of Minneapolis. After smashing the office door and throwing cans of paint inside, a message was left sprayed across the front: HANDS OFF THE ATLANTA FOREST.

Demands are being made for CSC to drop their client, Blackhall Studios. Blackhall Studios would like to level the South Atlanta Forest to build the country’s largest soundstage and an airport, creating unprecedented levels of gentrification in the city.

Atlanta police plan to level 300 acres and create a sprawling tactical training compound featuring a mock city, with which they’ll develop the ability of police departments around the country to brutalize those practicing resistance.

Rebels in Minneapolis know what it means to inhabit a rapidly gentrifying city, and know what it means to have cutting edge police repression deployed against us. We also know what it means to fight back. Atlanta, we love you.

In solidarity,


Received by email.

Note: photo is unrelated to action.