April 17, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Rotterdam. Netherlands. Detention Centre Rotterdam (DCR) was opened 10 years ago. For the last decade this prison – the first correctional facility in the Netherlands built and maintained with a public-private partnership – has served as a base for deportations. Dutch and European migration policies cost thousands of lives, while lining the pockets of the rich and arms dealers. This must stop now!

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Let’s start DCR’s second decade with a big demonstration for the freedom of movement. Turn your anger into action: come to the demonstration, show solidarity with people imprisoned in DCR and raise your voice for a world without borders!

30-05-2021 om 13:00
Meijersplein Rotterdam
Website: sluit-dcr.nl

FB: facebook.com/events/452554205970845

Source: Enoughisenough14.org