While you are reading these lines, Russian and cultural workers continue to sign an appeal for the release of Pavel Krysevich from prison . Who is this Pavel Krysevich? Shareholder? Political activist? How long have we known this person?

Last Friday, in Red Square, Pavel Krysevich fired two warning shots from a hollow pistol. After the third shot, he fell to the pavement. Just before that, he read out loudly a short manifesto against state repression , which contained his recipe against the ubiquitous fear of them: “Hey! Police state! Future is a failed state! We will respond to force and repression with fearlessness! There will be no more fear!”As soon as the performance was over, the police seized the actionist and carried him away. A 19-year-old journalist who was filming the performance with a camera at close range was also detained. In a criminal case of hooliganism (the sanction is up to seven years in prison), journalist Nika Samusik is being held as a suspect, and Kisevich was placed in a pre-trial detention center on Sunday.

Krisevich was born in St. Petersburg in 2000. With his data, he could safely make a career as a diplomat. As the winner of the “Clever and Clever” television competition, he got the opportunity to study at any university without entrance exams. At the insistence of his family, he chose the elite MGIMO, but dropped out after studying for only one semester. Then he did military service and in 2020 he entered the RUDN University. However, in November he was expelled because of an action in Lubyanka near the main FSB building.

Then at the Lubyanka he was “crucified” on a cross in the image of Jesus Christ, and in front of him a fire was burning from volumes of “high-profile” criminal cases for political reasons. It was with this action that he became famous, although it was preceded by a number of others.

Krysevich’s views were formed against the background of the main events in the modern history of the country and the world. As a teenager, he enthusiastically watched the Ukrainian Maidan in 2014, the meme of which among schoolchildren was burning barricades. He absorbed books about the Russian revolution with interest and even created his own Komsomol organization, but the communist party bureaucracy quickly disappointed him – anarchism is closer to him. In 2017, he, like many other schoolchildren, participated in Navalny’s actions. Since then, Krysevich, however, has always appeared alone, at single pickets and, later, at his own performances, first of all, so as not to endanger anyone.

His dreams are clearly outside the capitalist and repressive routine. But he is a realist, who believes that the functions of the state in the foreseeable future can be minimized and limited by supervision. In one interview, he said : “Russia needs a more serious anarchist experience, an experiment. There was also Makhno’s Gulyai-Polye, or now there are Zapatista communes in Chiapas, Mexico – there are many such experiments. Russia can calmly reach the stage of anarchy. All the same before that – a decrease in the role of the state. Maybe we will reach the level of development, when the state will exist at a minimum, as a supervisory authority, not a repressive regulator – this is the whole point. “


Source: Awsm.nz