On May 25, a court hearing was held in Khabarovsk in the case of the anarchist and artist Maxim Smolnikov (better known as “Xadad”); he was kept in jail until July 10. The meeting was supposed to take place in the Khabarovsk Regional Court at 16:20 local time on May 25. But in fact, the meeting began at 18:00. About 15 people came to support Maxim, mostly friends and relatives, journalists from RusNews and Sota were also present.

During the court session, the lawyers’ appeal against the decision of the Central District Court of Khabarovsk dated May 12, 2021, according to which the term of detention in the pre-trial detention center for Maxim was set until July 10, was considered. The lawyers argued about the need to mitigate the measure of restraint and release from the pre-trial detention center, about the fact that Maxim, knowing that he was under surveillance, did not hide anywhere, always appeared when the investigators called, their ward guessed about the interest in the post, never denied his authorship and did not delete the post, since he himself regards it as a condemnation of Zhlobitsky’s act. They also talked about the peculiarities of his work, that he is needed there now.

Maxim explained that he could not receive data from his computer, and there were ways to restrict his access to the Internet, said that he wanted to be close to his family and friends and take part in their life. That he does not intend to hide from the court and investigation. In the opinion of those present, the representatives of the defense were reasoned and understandable. The prosecutor simply read the text, making a mistake many times in pronouncing the name of Maxim (Smolkin instead of Smolnikov, until the judge made a remark). The court left for deliberation. Five minutes later, Judge Nemov read out dispassionately that the preventive measure remains unchanged, the motivation part will be ready in 3 days.

Video from the court

According to Svetlana Gordienko, Maxim’s common-law wife, “he feels fine, writes about anxiety, difficulties with sleep, obsessive thoughts, but generally holds on. Maxim very much hoped for some kind of adequacy of the judge, and I think in the evening after the court session he was very crushed by what had happened. We waved a little at him on video, sent air kisses and hugs, it was wonderful to see and get a reaction from him and show him that he was not alone there. “

Recall that Smolnikov is accused of justifying terrorism for a post on VKontakte in 2018 about Mikhail Zhlobitsky. On the morning of October 31, 2018, a local resident Mikhail Zhlobitsky detonated a bomb in the FSB building in Arkhangelsk. Three employees were injured, the young man himself was killed. In April 2019, Maxim Smolnikov was interrogated in this case of an explosion in the Arkhangelsk FSB department. On May 11, 2021, Maxim underwent a new search in the case due to the publication of an explosion in the Arkhangelsk FSB in October 2018. On May 12, the Central District Court of Khabarovsk chose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest for two months.

A fundraising campaign has been announced to help Maxim Smolnikov. We call on everyone to show solidarity, respond and help the arrested activist. Each of us can be in his place. Solidarity is our strength. If you want to help Maxim, you can transfer money to PayPal of the Anarchist Black Cross ( abc-msk@riseup.net ) or to the family card 4274320068140352. You can write to Maxim at the address: SIZO-1 Khabarovsk, Smolnikov Maxim Fedorovich, 29.12.1983. , index: 680038, or through his page on “Rosuznik” , or through the FSIN-letter .


Source: Awsm.nz