We were written by our like-minded person from a small provincial town. He shared his impressions of last Saturday, January 23:

The province is waking up. Our small sleeping city has never stood out among other cities in our region, but yesterday a lot changed. The people gathered more than ever – about 1000 people, which is the maximum number for us for all time. Usually 200-400 people gathered. Most people came to companies for a few people.

This happened despite repeated threats at the place of study, work and unequivocal hint of the authorities about the possible use of weapons.

Cops were present. They tried to fix everything on the cameras. Then they tried to detain the “organizer” but… a bunch of guys, maybe hundreds, from everywhere rushed to beat back, and the policemen recoiled not salt bread.

The slogans were “Freedom to political prisoners!”, “We are the power here!”, “This is our city!”. “Peace to the huts – war to palaces!”

For hundreds of people it was the first experience of an unauthorized action!

All my friends and acquaintances who came out yesterday expressed their readiness to participate again. I don’t know what would have happened if we had been attacked by riot police. But I think many companies would not run – would try to fight back. In general, very positive feelings.

Fighter Anarchist

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Source: Awsm.nz