Evidence of opposition to state violence from the Kronstadt uprising to the present day.

On October 30, the Day of Political Prisoners, events will be held that will return this day to its original historical significance. Memorial events will be held in Russian cities, lists of those shot and killed in custody by torture, hunger and state terror will be read. Within the framework of this program, events will be held: in the “Open Spaces” of Moscow and St. Petersburg: meetings with participants and participants in resistance to the regime and those against whom the state directed its aggression in the 1920s-2020s. Video interviews with a participant in the Kronstadt uprising Ivan Ermolaev (1901 -1994) and the literary critic Evgenia Taratuta (1912-2005), the daughter of an anarchist and a political prisoner. Pavel Kudyukin, a veteran of the Russian left movement, will talk about the activities of the underground organization of “young socialists”, in which he participated in the 1970s-1980s, behavior during the investigation, experience of being in custody. Former prisoner Ivan Astashin will talk about the continuity of the methods of law enforcement agencies and the administration of places of detention in putting pressure on a person, how to find a space of freedom within this system. Darya Apakhonchich, an activist and action artist, will share her personal experience of facing government pressure and resistance practices.


Source: Awsm.nz