On December 25, anarchist Azat Miftakhov made his final speech in court. He is being held in prison and is being tried for attacking the United Russia office in Moscow in 2018. Along the way, repressive authorities are trying to sew Azat the manufacture of an explosive device all the way.

Miftakhov’s last word has not yet been published. After all, this is not a liberal blogger, about which the relevant media would have already buzzed. However, from the report of the freeAzat channel! from the courtroom it becomes clear that Azat clearly declared his anarchist positions, rejected the accusation of “public harm” of his actions and thanked his comrades for their solidarity.

Throughout the process, Miftakhov showed resilience and courage. He did not cooperate with the punishers, did not stipulate his associates, did not express “remorse”. This is despite the torture, the threat of a considerable term and the second criminal case under a very serious article. We wrote about the importance of Azat Miftakhov’s example at the very beginning of the events.

We believe that the revolutionary will retain willpower to the end.

The support of comrades is extremely inspiring. It is reportedthat on December 25, 19 people who came to express their sympathy to Miftakhov were detained near the court. In times of rampant repression and intimidation, in the atmosphere of today’s Moscow and Russia – this is a large and revealing figure. Encouragingly.

On January 11, 2021, at 12 o’clock Azat, as well as anarchist Elena Gorban, will be sentenced. They need your moral support. Do not forget that the best solidarity is the continuation of active struggle.

Source “Fighter Anarchist”

Революционер Азат Мифтахов на пороге приговора | Автономное Действие – анархисты, либертарные коммунисты, антифа (avtonom.org)

Source: Awsm.nz