On May 16, near the main building of Moscow State University, an action was held against the law on educational activities. According to the initiators, “the draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation”On the approval of the Regulation on the implementation of educational activities” for two weeks received more than 23,000 negative reviews on the Federal portal of normative legal acts. The current text of the regulation will forcibly stop most educational and promotional activities in Russia. In recent years, there has been a rapid growth of a variety of informal and free lectures, seminars, round tables, film screenings and much more. This growth occurs only because enlightenment and popularization are in demand by society. All this can disappear under the pressure of many unreasonable prohibitions, restrictions and bureaucratic requirements that the regulation proposes to introduce. “

The action took place in the form of a meeting with State Duma deputy Rashkin, and in addition to the main topic, it also featured the pre-election theme. We, as anarchists, were not happy with this, but in the current situation in Russia there are few opportunities left for a massive public action. “The Law on Educational Activities” is another product of the “mad printer”, which gives bureaucrats and “law enforcement officers” the opportunity to prosecute any activity independent of themselves and anyone who disagrees with state policy. Therefore, we considered it necessary to join the action.

The event was attended by: Boris Kashin (Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Mikhail Gelfand (“Trinity Option”, “Dissernet”), Grigory Yudin (sociologist, political philosopher), Sergei Popov (Professor of RAS), Mikhail Lobanov (teacher of Moscow State University), Grigory Tarasevich ( project “Schrödinger’s Cat”), Vsevolod Lukhovitsky (trade union “Teacher”), Nikolai Volkov (employee of Moscow State University), Vera Troshina (“Parents of Moscow”), Eugene Nasyrov (project “Laba”), Pavel Kudyukin (trade union “University Solidarity”) 

The rally was actively interfered with by both “law enforcement officers” and provocateurs. The police twice issued a warning to the formal organizer of the action, a State Duma deputy. Provocateurs from the NOD and other pro-Kremlin groups tried to drown out the speakers with their shouts (even chanting “Putin is a thief!” Thanks to their efforts , more than 20 people were detained , of whom only three were provocateurs. The police promised the organizers of the action to release the people from the paddy wagon after the end of the event, but through negotiations they managed to freeonly three, one more detainee was led out by a man in civilian clothes, who then got into a police car. And the announcement of the end of the action only became a signal for new detentions of people who were holding flags. The transport vehicles left for the Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow State University and “Ramenki”; by the evening of May 16, the detainees were released with protocols under Art. 20.2 of the Administrative Code (“violation of the rules for holding events”).


Source: Awsm.nz