Scientists from all over the world signed a statement of solidarity with the editors of the student magazine DOXA.’ve made that statement.

In the early morning of April 14, the Russian authorities came for four editors and editors of DOXA magazine. On the same day, Armen Aramyan, Natasha Tyszkiewicz, Volodya Metelkin and Alla Gutnikova appeared in court. The judge made the purpose of the charges quite clear: to silence the magazine. As a result, the young people were placed under house arrest and banned from using any means of communication.

DOXA is a popular web magazine run by students in Russia. It is dedicated to criticizing the modern university and popularizes radical philosophy: especially feminist, Marxist and anarchist views. It also publishes columns on the complex system of higher education in Russia and student protests. DOXA organizes solidarity rallies with students who have been persecuted for free speech.

The accusations against the editors are ridiculous. DOXA posted a completely innocent video urging students to protest without fear, explaining that expelful students from universities for political reasons is illegal. In response, Roskomnadzor demanded to remove the video. DOXA did it. And yet, the editors are now charged under Article 151.2 (“Involving minors in the commission of illegal acts”).

Perhaps it’s even a cause for pride when you’re charged under the same article as Socrates. But the suggestion that university students need protection from DOXA sounds pretty crazy. Only those who use education to produce obedience label “illegal actions” on critical thinking. It is no coincidence that the same laws are used against political critics, queer activists and migrants.

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