One did not need to be called an outstanding analyst to predict the impossibility of the authorities recognizing their own absolute loss. It was only appropriate to make predictions of how brazenly and cynically the voices will be stolen now. And here the authorities surpassed the expectations of many.

After all, this is the essence of any authoritarian system that does not want to recognize its own authoritarianism, and uses elections exclusively in its own interests and as an instrument of its own legitimization.

This instrument is covered by a repressive mechanism that suppresses any dissent. As a result, those who try to expose the authoritarian essence of the regime are subjected to political repression and all kinds of pressure from the system.

The political field is being cleared, those who disagree are imprisoned. Independent candidates are not admitted, and votes are stolen from those who are admitted to create the illusion of electoral competition.

But this does not mean that what is happening should be ignored.

Elections (no matter how “pseudo” they are) are, first of all, a major political event that affects the entire population of the country and implies the possibility of massive and one-time political involvement with the mobilization of the protest electorate.

But as important as it is not to ignore this event, it is just as important not to view it as a procedure through which autocracy could be triumphed. Autocracy is not won by voting. It only plays a complementary role as a mobilization tool. What is happening in the background is much more important.

Any of your actions had and matters, no matter what tactics you choose at the time of the elections: from observing at polling stations and using the Smart Voting tool – to an active boycott, damage to ballots and any other involvement that would expose the authoritarian essence within the electoral process ( these actions do not include a passive boycott, which implies the absence of any action, is absolutely harmful and plays only into the hands of the authorities).

You can argue about the effectiveness of any of the tactics, but one thing is clear: no matter which side you take in this issue, it is important to be able to correctly place accents and bet not on elections, but on the willingness to defend your choice.

Under conditions of autocracy, it is impossible to view the electoral procedure as a separate and independent event, with the help of which it would be possible to win the victory that everyone needs. In any authoritarian environment, you can truly defend your interests and rights only through the street and protest.

How brazenly and cynically they stole your votes, how much you hate the authorities and all this pseudo-electoral farce, just as strong the reaction against the authorities should follow.

There is no other way in the struggle for the future.

Vlad Barabanov


Source: Awsm.nz