On November 15, the trial of anarchists Dmitry Rezanovich, Igor Olinevich, Dmitry Dubovsky and Sergei Romanov began in Minsk. Let us remind you that they were arrested on the night of October 29-30, 2020, on the territory near the Ukrainian border. They are charged with Art. 289.2 (terrorism) and Art. 295.3 (illegal arms trafficking). Also, Sergei Romanov has already been sentenced to 1 year in prison for violation of supervision.

The judge declared the hearing of the anarchists’ case closed shortly after it began. Formally, this is connected with the protection of the interests of the victims. In reality, such a decision is an example of political fear, since comrades can stand up for themselves in court, and their example of steadfastness still inspires not only Belarusians, but also people around the world who are fighting against injustice.

It is clear that in such conditions no one even thinks that the judge will go into the details of the case, and the court itself is a formality. The dates have already been decided in the offices of the regime. But even in such a situation, your solidarity is important! Any actions will help to support the spirit of comrades and remind them that they are not forgotten!

The guys have been in custody in the KGB pre-trial detention center for over a year. During this time, they only rarely received postcards or mail: the lion’s share of messages from the outside is censored and does not reach the anarchists. You can send them words of support through the AChK-Belarus online form .

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Comment of Igor Olinevich’s mother Valentina about the trial:

The trial was closed for us, which was to be expected. The authorities did not want publicity, including the details of their detention.

The details are such that at the time of the arrest the saleswoman of the store, which two guys entered to buy food, called the police and reported them. Country of heroes and policemen. Interrogated by border guards (not riot police, and not KGB officers). They let in tear gas and started beating me. Sergei cut his hands and the whole room was covered with blood. He himself told his mother about this when he was tried in Gomel.

What is the impression? The guys look fighting. Both the lawyers and the defendants themselves were against the closure of the court. The guys said that they
are democrats by conviction, for fair elections, for transparency in the discussion, and they want the court to be open and public. Society must know what really happened.

One of the relatives was removed from the hall because he simply waved to his brother. All these 15-20 minutes, the children were forbidden to talk to each other, and to communicate with relatives, even with gestures. In the end, Dima Rezanovich responded to threats from the guards: Why are you scaring us? We have nothing to lose but our own shackles, because there are four convinced revolutionaries in front of you!

Thanks to everyone who came to support us! Although not everyone was allowed in.


Source: Awsm.nz