November 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Prowling through some old material I came across some bits and pieces from 1996 that highlights that nothing ever changes on the agenda of the ruling class. It is always the same attack, cut spending on the needs of the ordinary people.
        The poem below was written during a school closure campaign in 1996 by Freddie Anderson, Irish born Glasgow based anarchist, poet, play-write and activist. Freddie was born 11 September 1922 and died 10 December 2001. Of course we have moved on since then, it’s not just schools closures we are looking at, it’s libraries, community centres, swimming pools, to name but a few.


Whenever misrule grabs state power
and keeps in bond the nation,
the foremost of its great misdeeds
are cuts in education
for learning is a noble thing
and in its grans pursuit
we throw old prejudice aside
and seek to find the Truth.
So those who shut our school-house doors
do so with vile intent
be they local councillors
or a gangster government,
they’ll blame each other endlessly
for crimes they common share,
conveniently forgetting that
two must make a pair.
Now who are the bigger vandals
the louts who burn our schools
or the scoundrels who just close them down
according to the rules.
                                                                             Freddie Anderson. 

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