March 29, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Chile. Statement and video of an action in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike in Satiago de Chile.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The prevailing political caste must understand that the sovereignty of the people living in Chile will not continue to be usurped by those who are only their representatives, governments made up of political parties full of mercenaries and businesspeople who have commodified all our rights in addition to appropriating the country’s natural resources, exploiting them to death, with their (…) so-called progress.

As in a dictatorship they lock up our people, neighbors, brothers, sisters, friends, parents, children, grandchildren, they mutilate us, burn us, rape us, kill us. This is why we call for a popular uprising on March 29th against Piñera’s dictatorship, just as our comrades, the Vergara Toledo brothers and sisters, did in their time.

We fight to make our subversive prisoners on hunger strike visible.

We are the Grupo de Acción Camilo Catrillanca (Camilo Catrillanca Action Group), and we are everywhere.