March 4, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Athens. Call by the solidarity assembly with Dimitris Koufontinas for the second international day of solidarity with the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Saturday, March 6, 2021. 2nd International day of solidarity with the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas

At the end of last December the Greek government approved a reform of the national penitentiary system that, in addition to other measures that worsen prison conditions, establishes that those convicted of terrorism cannot access the “rural prisons”, more “open” institutions to which long-term prisoners have access.The approval of this law has immediately activated the bureaucratic process for the transfer of Dimitris Koufontinas from the rural prison of Kassevitia.Dimitri is a comrade convicted forparticipation in the revolutionary organization 17 November, in prison since 2002.

The new package of laws stipulates that inmates in rural prisons are reclassified and then transferredto the last prison they were in.In Dimitri’s case it should have been the Athenian prison ofKoridallos. However, the prison administration decided to transferhim, manipulating the transfer papers, to Domokos prison. Although there are no differentiated circuits in Greece, the intention of the prison administration in recent years has been to make this prison a “hard” prison.

Such a punitive transfer is purposed to hit a comrade who has always struggled: as a free man, in courtrooms, in prison. Since hisseizure he has participated in numerous protests and has undertakenfour hunger strikes.This repressive manoeuvre not onlyis aimed at annihilating Dimitris Koufontinas but also is part of the overall Greek state repressive project: crushing the most radical and combative parts of society to avoid the hypothesis of future and general conflicts.

Faced with the transfer, Dimitris Koufontinas decided to strive once again, putting his own body out as last resort weapon. Since 8 January he has started a hunger strike which will continue indefinitelyuntil he is transferred to the Koridallos prison.As strike days are passing by, the comrade is in a critical and precariousconditions in the Lamia hospital: according to the doctors he could collapse at any moment.

During the strike there were many initiatives and solidarity actions throughout Greece and beyond: protests, demos, walls writings,banners, attacks against multiple objectives (politicians, banks, postoffices, etc.).But time is running out and now we think we should make an extra effort.

Dimitri’s struggle is also the struggle of each of us. As we consider crucial creating and expanding international ties, even more nowadays, we are calling for a 2nd INTERNATIONAL day ofsolidarity and action on SATURDAY 6 MARCH to support Dimitris Koufontinas.

Athens, 4 March 2021

Solidarity Assembly with Dimitris Koufontinas