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The beginning
November 2019. The United States is ruled by a clown. There is a global consensus among scientists that human civilization is warming the planet’s atmosphere, and among its entire population that someone else is to blame and that nothing depends on us. In this situation, Adam McKay, a successful Hollywood screenwriter and producer, announces that he will make a film about a meteorite that will hit the Earth. The movie will be a grim satire like Let’s Bark the Dogs, Dr. Strangelove, and The Web, and if it’s even half as good, I’ll be happy.

McKay does not hide his motivation. “The film came from my growing horror in the face of the climate crisis and the fact that we live in a society that puts it fourth or fifth in the news, and in some cases even denies that it is happening, and how horrifying and absurd at the same time laughter is this… I started talking to many scientists (climate specialists). I searched for good news, but never found it. Everything I heard was worse than what was reported in the media. So, I was talking to David the Orphan and we were saying, “Can you believe this isn’t covered in the media? That they push him at the end of the news? That they don’t put it in the title?”

This was followed by two deals with Paramount and Netflix, $ 75 million, the engagement of an entire Hollywood constellation and two years of work.

In essence, the film is a critique of modern society, which has no mechanisms to accept the scientific consensus, even when it literally collapses on its head. Scientists who discovered the comet are using exactly the recipes we know from liberal democracy schools to save the planet, humanity and ourselves. They turn to politicians first, but face greed, selfishness, corruption and, last but not least, incompetence.

Then they try through the media, which continues to entertain viewers instead of risking their ratings. Scientists manage to organize a mass social movement, which turns out to be useless. In the end, we need to keep our fingers crossed for the success of corrupt politicians.

The end
December 2021. When the film sees the light of day, humanity is already in the midst of a new crisis. For two years now, news about COVID-19 has been in the headlines. The consensus among scientists, as far as there is, is again contested. Suddenly, the film turns out to be much more relevant than expected, even more so – everyone accepts its message, and no one recognizes the side of unbelievers in science.

For decades, “science” has been the new religion, and “scientists” are its prophets. There are easy “scientific” arguments for every political power, every theft and even every war. As scientists gather data on the dangers to humanity, it is easy to find other scientists and politicians who are ready to deny them to the last, in order to settle at least for a while on top of fame and power. It is even easier to find businessmen and politicians who are ready to profit from the threat without doing anything to stop it.

Probably today, more than ever, science is governed by power and money, and less by conscience. Scientists have to dine like all of us, and modern research is incredibly expensive. Doctors are becoming more and more and it is becoming easier to buy one of them. Many people do not distinguish between a doctor of molecular biology, a vet and Dr. Yotker. Therefore, any nonsense can be presented as “scientific truth”, as long as someone with enough media power is found, to support it. Those media mouthpieces that first denied global warming, then denied the role of humanity in it, then denied the danger of the coronavirus, and today deny the benefits of vaccines, show all people in white coats.

Therefore, those who actually challenge the scientific consensus easily see themselves on his side. That is why such enthusiastic comments on the film are possible: “I am from the generation that watched movies about the bright future .. now movies are being made about the dark future .. and what will hit this comet .. a planet dying of a pandemic where energy reserves are depleted and green religion kills the future .. or the little ones local wars, which will inevitably grow into one big one .. or the disappearance of the white intelligent race, are the account of colored idiots breeding like rats…”

Such confusing comments are an illustration of the mess that reigns in the minds of most viewers. The same people who are desperately looking for a politician with less evil, who murmur against any news of planetary danger, are recognized as messengers of uncomfortable scientific truth, ignored by the media and persecuted by politicians. It would be easy to blame themselves for being inadequate, but the truth is a little more complicated – the government is behaving the same way with all of us. Scientists or spectators, she uses us whenever and however she pleases.

Today, if there is money in green energy or a thermal power plant needs to be closed, they will show us a Greenpeace activist. Tomorrow, if the owner of the TPP has paid, the unfortunate miners who lose their jobs will show up. All of us poor people are really the raw material in the machine that rules our world. Just like the scientists in the film, she can turn us into media stars or persecuted animals, depending on the needs of those who run her.

The future
But, as in the movie, salvation will not come from science, not without destroying the machine that corrupts it. Destruction begins in our own home – instead of uncritically repeating the propaganda we like, let’s learn to apply to it the same criticism and skepticism that we apply to the rest! And it ends with the destruction of capitalist relations themselves, which turn scientists into servants of the rich. This is the only way for science to work in the interests of all people, not the self-appointed elite. The big question is, won’t it be too late to think about salvation?

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