October 3, 2021
From Anarchist News

In these four episodes of Immediatism podcast are told both Sean’s story of why he was imprisoned and some of the events of his court case, appeal, and incarceration, as well as the history of the state of Ohio. Writing this summary is difficult without major spoilers but suffice it to say that Ohio shouldn’t be a state at all and certainly, by the chain of legal and illegal events cited by Swain, does not have any legal standing to convict and incarcerate anyone. The story unfolds like a high interest documentary, bringing astonishing facts in one after the other, in building the case that there is no Ohio. Ohio is a figment of collective imagination and Swain is a highly engaging writer.

Ohio: Indian Territory part 1, episode 641

Ohio: Indian Territory part 2, episode 642

Ohio: Indian Territory part 3, episode 643

Ohio: Indian Territory part 4, episode 644

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Source: Anarchistnews.org