April 7, 2021
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Exposing the Big Game

ByMatthew ChalmersMarch 31, 2021

Adam Lau / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Several days before Seaspiracy was released on Netflix, a response made by the National Fisheries Institutewas leaked. Before audiences had gotten a chance to see the documentary, the fishing industry was already dismissing it as “vegan propaganda.” Unfortunately, it is unlikely that their opinion of the film emerged from any genuine Delphic foresight. Indeed, “propaganda” seems quite a puzzling label to stick on a movie that unravels its story in such a deliberate and reasoned manner.

The facts in the documentary are nothing short of remarkable. A marine biologist explains that theDeepwater Horizon Disaster, which spilled thousands of gallons of oil into the sea and saw countless images of seabirds coated in black, dying on slimy beaches, killed fewer animals than commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico killsin a single…

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