September 30, 2021
From Anarchist News


Immediatism offers readings of four essays on the body and the self. “Anarchism & the Body,” by Michelle Campbell, is a call for more anarchists to contribute writing in this area. “Agency & the Body: On Body Positivity, Ressentiment, & Desire,” by Rhyd Wildermuth, is a disclosure of Rhyd’s own experiences growing up with a different body type and his thoughts around agency and fitness; as explained in length in a chapter of his upcoming book, Rhyd’s view is that we ARE our bodies. “Access Intimacy: The Missing Link,” by Mia Mingus provides a terminology for that feeling when someone really “gets” you based on a shared experience of disability or hardship. In Cory’s view, noticing when we do or do not have access intimacy with a person can help us to realize when empathy is coming naturally and when it is not, and to identify whether the other person is being empathetic with us. Finally, “On Self-Love & Gun Powder,” by Flower Bomb, recorded in response to a listener request, is on a nihilistic love for both chaos and the whole self.

Anarchism & the Body, by Michelle Campbell (episode 632)
“Bodily inquiry doesn’t need to stay in the realm of feminism and gender studies.”…

Agency & the Body, by Rhyd Wildermuth (episode 633)
“What is crucial is not how society judges the bodies of individuals or groups, but rather how intimately each individual experiences being a body.”…

Access Intimacy: The Missing Link, by Mia Mingus (episode 634)
“There have been numerous relationships in my life where I have loved people very deeply, but never fully felt safe with them around my access.”…

On Self-Love & Gun Powder, by Flower Bomb (episode 635)
“I am me, the complete I, a storm living and breathing until I become one with the dirt and the infinite sky.”…

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