Text from the Nantes Révoltée Facebook page.
Historic riots have been shaking Senegal since Wednesday March 3 following the arrest of the opponent Ousmane Sonko. Multiple clashes and major demonstrations are underway against the power in place.

In Dakar, massive mobilization and popular self-defense. The Friday demonstration was to march on the National Assembly. As they approached the building, the police used tear gas. On social networks, a lot of Senegalese strongly advise insurgents against picking up French-made grenades – the infamous grenades de encirclement and GM2L – causing many serious injuries. A protester reportedly had his hand torn apart by ammunition.

Throwing stones, disparate and multiple fixing points, flaming materials blocking the roads are causing great difficulty for the police forces to such an extent that the uprising has become totally uncontrollable in the country’s capital. The practice of self-reduction has become widespread with serial looting of shops and supermarkets, and in particular brands such as Auchan, Carrefour or even Total symbols of French imperialism in Senegal. The Senegalese interior minister announced the dispatch of army troops to the capital to “restore order”.

The media report that several cities in the country are also the scene of scenes of anger and demonstrations. Places of power are targeted. In Saint-Louis, in the North, students allegedly set fire to the headquarters of the RPA, the president’s party. In the south of the country: in Bignona, the Prefect’s house was ransacked. In Sédhiou, the governance, the town hall, the inspectorate of the academy and the Eaux et Forêts building were vandalized. In Ziguinchor, a gas station and money transfer kiosks went up in smoke.

Friday March 5, the local press announced the deaths of 5 people on the side of the protesters and many people injured. The crackdown is fierce and the crowd has come under heavy fire from live ammunition. The Senegalese denounce the complicity of France, which equips Senegalese law enforcement units with military equipment.

Harshly repressed, this popular revolt seems to go far beyond the framework of support for the opponent Ousmane Sonko by attacking the Franco-African domination … A surge against the power of President Macky Sall and his government until self-determination and the fall of the neo-colonial regime?


Source: Awsm.nz