Let us refuse the stranglehold of reactionaries on the bodies of women !

Solidarity with our Texan sisters
In Texas, the most restrictive law on abortion (abortion and IMG) since its legalization has just come into force, endorsed by the Supreme Court. Prohibiting abortion from 6 weeks of pregnancy, before we can even realize it.

This law makes no exception for victims of rape and incest, or even when the embryo is not viable. It also establishes a right of denunciation for each citizen, against women and gender minorities who have abortions but also against all those who provide help, support or even simple advice, and thus encourages violence against women. towards those who practice and benefit from abortion. As usual, this law will affect the poorest and most vulnerable even more severely.

These obscurantist laws are an attack on everyone who may have an abortion: women, intersex and non-binary people, trans men. They allow control of their bodies and prevent them from disposing of them, while locking women into a reproductive role.

Decriminalization of abortion continues in Latin America
Unlike the state of Texas, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled the criminalization of abortion unconstitutional. No state in Mexico will be able to punish women who have abortions if they do so. This unanimous vote paves the way for access to abortion in all Latin American countries.

It has already been legal in Uruguay, Cuba, Argentina since the end of 2020 but still totally banned in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua. In other Latin American countries, abortion is only allowed in cases where the woman’s life is in danger, or in some cases if there has been rape or the fetus is not. viable.

4 states still ban abortion in Europe
In Malta, Andorra, in the Vatican, abortion is illegal, including in cases of incest, rape, serious fetal abnormality or danger to the life of the mother or person during pregnancy. Abortion is punished there by six months in prison, and three years in prison as well as five years of prohibition to practice medicine for the person who performs the termination of pregnancy. It is also an offense to give information to a patient or to refer her abroad.

In Poland, the law has tightened even further, making it almost impossible to abort, even with severe fetal malformations. It is only possible to have an abortion if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or if there is a risk to life.

Criminalizing abortion does not make it disappear, but makes it more dangerous. An estimated 22 million unsafe abortions are performed each year, these unsafe abortions are the third leading cause of maternal mortality according to the WHO.

And in France
With the Covid epidemic, the difficulties of accessing abortion have increased in particular because of the lack of space in operating theaters. For those who were unable to have an abortion within the legal 12-week deadline, going to the Netherlands, Spain or the United Kingdom proved to be almost impossible.

In July, Macron nevertheless closed the door to extending the abortion period to 14 weeks and rejected the idea of ​​repealing the specific conscience clause for doctors and thereby going against the claims of all the feminists who demand that the legal deadlines for abortion be harmonized with those of the most progressive countries in Europe, and that the States tend towards a total decriminalization of abortion.

The right to dispose of one’s body, to freely choose one’s pregnancy, is a fundamental freedom for which we must continue to fight.

Free, free and unconditional abortion, everywhere !


Source: Awsm.nz