June 25, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

             I don’t often spout about our pampered, privileged political ballerinas and their two faced shenanigans as they drag their snouts along the trough. I have grown to expect them to function in the usual double dealing double standards, of the old school boys network, oblivious to the lives of the ordinary people. However, sometime I just can’t hold my tongue it is so blatant and two fingers to the public at large. 

           The incident that caused me to vent my bile on this occasion is the actions of hapless Hancock, Secretary of State for Health. This “tower of virtue” jumped on professor Ferguson when a friend visited the Prof’s house, stating that the prof’s actions were extraordinary and the rules were there for every body and they were very serious. However here we are and hapless Hancock is caught on camera kissing a woman in his office. I’m sure his wife will be very understanding, as will the husband of his gobb sucking partner.

Gina Coladangelo, Hapless Hancock’s little bit on the side. Photo Daily Mail.

           The woman in question is the woman that he appointed as non-executive director of the Department of Health. When he appointed her, he also forgot to mention that she was an old friend from his days at Oxford, ooops. The lady in question Ms Coladangelo, must bring something very special to the job, other than satisfying hapless Hancock’s desires, as for her services she is paid a £15,000 salary. Not much you might say, but when you consider that she was expected to work 15 to 20 days a YEAR, for that, she surely must have other services she should offer her boss the hapless Hancock. A coterie welded in sleaze, double standards, squandering public money, our tax money, and shuffling cushy numbers to friends and associates, all at our expense. These are the people that we leave to run our affairs, are we insane?

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com