June 8, 2019
From IWW West Virginia (USA)

What’s up y’all! We here at the West Virginia IWW want to build something bigger than us as individuals. We want to foster a community for all workers — regardless of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation. And know what, there’s no better way to build relationships than through talking about our jobs. We all have to do it, we have to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

We all have stories about our workplaces and our bosses. Please share with us! However few or many details you may want to include, we want to hear it! We know it’s so easy to feel so alone in this fast-paced, rat race capitalist system. It’s hard to catch a break.

Want to share? Well, feel free to email us at wviww@protonmail.com to tell us your stories. Worker stories will be posted regularly in blog posts similar to this. We will keep all submissions anonymous. We want to keep the workers safe and provide a space to educate, agitate, and organize.

Much love and solidarity <3
West Virginia IWW

Source: Westvirginiaiww.org