January 31, 2021
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Beaver, PA: Autonomous Blockade Against Petrochemical Industry

Action report on autonomous blockade of petrochemical industry in so-called Beaver, Pennsylvania.

Anonymous Contributor

On Thursday morning, a collection of autonomous activists blockaded the sole access road to the Shell Polymer’s office in Beaver, PA to protest the transformation of the Ohio Valley into a manufacturing hub for the petrochemical industry. Shell Polymers is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, and they are constructing an ethane cracking facility in Beaver that will be used to turn fracked gas into plastic.. Read Full ArticleAnonymous Contributor

January 29

Occupy, Takeover: How Philadelphia Housing Action Turned Vacant Buildings Into Homes

It's Going Down

.Following months of riots, building barricades, and stand-offs with police trying to evict encampments, in late September of 2020, Philadelphia Housing Action was able to claim victory, after the city of Philadelphia offered unsheltered families and individuals access to housing in formerly vacant buildings, a process which people had already begun in the months prior, as homes owned by Philadelphia Housing Authority were squatted. In the end, upwards of 75 homes were handed over by the city, which included many homes which had been previously squatted. Here Philadelphia Housing Action looks back at 2020 with analysis and a timeline on what all went down.  Read Full ArticleIt’s Going Down

January 26

Riot Breaks Out in Tacoma As Hundreds Rage Against Police Car Attack

Abolition Media Worldwide

A riot broke out in Tacoma, Washington as hundreds took to the streets following a police officer running over people attending a sideshow.

After a pig drove through a crowd of people with a police vehicle, militants set flaming barricades and smashed windows of Pierce County Corrections jail in Tacoma, Washington on Sunday night.

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