December 19, 2020
From Anarchist Black Cross London (UK)

After months from the riot inside modena prison in march 2020 started for the inhuman condition, in pandemic times, where 9 inmates got killed by cops, Five prisoners decide to release a statement where the truth emerge. The 5, moved in Ascoli prison after straight the riot, moved back again in Modena, where the torturers are still.

That day 08/03/2020, as the statement says, screws from Modena and follow Bologna and Ascoli Piceno came to support, literally torture, and beat the inmates up repeatedly, using their guns towards people and with all the workers, doctors, direction help, they manage after that to cover up sharing the news that the death of the 9 people was cause by drugs overdose.

In solidarity with this people that decide to put their face, literally. We invite to write them to the follow address

Mattia Palloni, Cipriani Claudio, Belmonte Cavazza, D’Angelo Francesco, Bianco Ferruccio


Strada Statale Sant’Anna , 370, 41122 Modena (MO) Italy