November 18, 2021
From Anarchist News

"Hammer Smashed Bank" by Capital Corpse

via Athens Indymedia, translation via by cretin

Athens, Greece: Sledgehammer Attacks Against Eurobank & National Bank branches in Solidarity with Anarchist Comrades G. Kalaitzidis & N. Mataraga by ‘Black Trade Union’ [English translation of responsibility claim + link to video of action]

Machine-assisted translation of the following article:

Attacks on Banks / Solidarity with G. Kalaitzidis & N. Mataraga

We are facing a state that is preparing to face the worst combined crisis in recent history. With a health system that collapses as the pandemic intensifies. With an economic crisis that is getting worse every day, both for domestic and international reasons. With the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean theaters of imperialist rivalries in the midst of a period of mass migration. With climate change showing its teeth. And all this while the state itself wants to promote the most neo-liberal policy of mass sale of every public assett and at the end of our own lives.

It is perfectly normal for such a state to seek to arm itself against social reactions, to prepare for the wave of disobedience and spontaneous popular reactions that will surely break out for all the reasons of the world in the near future. And very wise on it’s part to try to hit and hold hostage the world of the struggle that will surely star on the upcoming fronts.

We do not stop watching the escalation of repression at all levels. Unarmed minors for a stolen car are murdered by uniformed gangs, a constant attempt to enforce laws is underway and it is constantly producing new laws. Government slander mechanisms are mobilizing far-right mobs against even simple democratic voices. Social activists, such as Costas K., have recently been targeted for decades in cases with charges leading to decades in prison. They take DNA by force and file it as always in the beginning from those who resist and then they will proceed to everyone. And on November 25 is again the trial of the members of Rubicon, Kalaitzidis and Mataraga, in a case that became emblematic for two reasons. Firstly, because we officially heard in a courtroom a case of the police setting up a case against militants and secondly, despite the fact that something like this was heard, no leaf shook! It went like that!

This alone does not allow us to be complacent about the continuation of the trial.

Clearly, power is determined.

Determined to be able to attack before the big popular wave falls on it. Determined to imprison militants at will, to be able to imprison whoever it wants whenever it wants, to ban social resistance.

Again, we do not stop watching the escalation of repression and planning our counterattacks. Our small counterattacks, but we are just as determined as the enemy.

For the salvation of rights and popular conquests, for the expansion of society at the expense of the state and capital in the present day.

For the path of freedom and the victory of equality in today and tomorrow. Today we carried out attacks with sledgehammers against…

Eurobank, Vouliagmeni Avenue in Dafni

National Bank in Chalandri

Solidarity with the victims of state repression. Solidarity with G. Kalaitzidis and N. Mataraga for the continuation of their trial on November 25.