December 16, 2019
From Takku (Finland)

The 14th of December was the International Day of Action for Rojava. We as anti-authoritarians and anarchists must not only recognise international struggle, but also show solidarity to it. Just now, the 13th of December a group of comrades occupied a house in Helsinki.

We here at Squat Kattila want to show our support to the brave comrades in Rojava at this trying time and also to all other struggles against fascism, capitalism and patriarchy around the world.

Rojava’s fight to survive and thrive is, in part a struggle concerning space, territory and home.

We can see the same thing happening for example in the student occupations of universities against Bolsonaro’s fascist regime in Brazil or in Chile where people are taking to the streets to confront the system that is threatening their lives every day.

For us, actions such as squatting houses bring with them the opportunity to reflect on the connection of our struggle to that of other like-minded people with the same goals: combating fascism and authoritarianism, ending patriarchy and destroying the capitalist system once and for all.

You, comrades, are doing amazing.

With love and rage, Squat Kattila.