August 9, 2021
From Semillas Autonomas

On December 12, 2015 , a march was held in Little Village/Lawndale neighborhoods of Chicago, in which community members expressed their opposition to police violence against Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. Participants also denounced the so-called “Latino political leadership” as selling out their communities and being accomplices in systemic, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous sate violence.

Dozens of police officers surrounded and attacked participants. Several people were injured, and three were arrested. They will be standing trial tomorrow September 15, 2016. Since the arrests, the Chicago Police Department and alderman George Cardenas have flooded the media with false and alarmist narratives to justify the violence used against protesters. Alderman Cardenas has given many interviews which the media reported as an official narrative, even though the alderman was not present at the time and has no first-hand knowledge of the events.

We denounce the tactics used by the police, media and local politicos to repress dissent. We denounce the police attack against protesters as well as the subsequent campaign of disinformation that seeks to criminalize and demonize community members. This case is one of many in which people are targeted, harassed and intimidated for exposing and opposing state violence. We ask members of the Chicago activist community to continue standing with those who are facing charges as a result of their political expression.

Trial information:
September 15, 2016
555 W Harrison, Room 303
Chicago IL

In solidarity
Semillas Autónomas