October 10, 2020
From International Confederation Of Labour

Many actions took place across the globe as part of ICL’s month of action in solidarity with workers dismissed in Bangladesh by Dragon Group, between August 15th and September 15th.

Despite the difficulties imposed by the current health emergency, the response by our sections and contacts has been impressive. During the month, actions have taken place in Germany (Hamburg, Dresden, Freiburg and Bonn, among others), the Iberian Peninsula (Iruña, Valladolid and Aranjuez), Argentina, Brazil, Ireland (Belfast and Derry), Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the United Kingdom.

At the same time, and coincidental with the month of action, workers in Bangladesh have held a multitude of events, demonstrations and rallies, even laying siege to the labour ministry.

In addition, German comrades have created the website unitedagainstthedragon.info to make it easier to send complaints to the brands.

However, despite this pressure, the company refuses to make any concessions. Negotiations have broken down and the bosses are using a nationalist rhetoric, branding the workers “unpatriotic”.

For all these reasons, ICL’s Asia working group will maintain and increase the pressure on the company in the coming weeks, with different initiatives. We hope to have your solidarity for this endeavour, as has been the case this far.

Big thank you to all our internationalist comrades who have participated in the different actions. Without a doubt, solidarity is still our best weapon in these difficult times.

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Source: Icl-cit.org