TO THE WHOLE WORKING CLASS: From the Trade Union Section of Riders of CNT-AIT Alicante in the company JOBANDTALENT SL subcontracts of Just Eat Spain SL we make an appeal to the entire working class: BOYCOTT JUST EAT! More than three years ago this business platform landed in the city of Alicante which, not having its own implementation, decided to subcontract a team of riders who will provide the service to its application. It has been three years of hard work in the most precarious conditions: – Renewable temporary contract every three months. Absolutely fraudulent as there is no temporality or work and service that lasts three years. In fact, the workload has not disappeared, it has been transferred to another staff in even more precarious conditions and, therefore, cheaper for the company. – Illegal wages. Well below the SMI Five euros per hour worked plus 0.50 euros per journey of up to 16 km. – Non-payment of concepts recognized in the Collective Agreement (Prov. Alicante Hospitality): Nightlife, compensation for parties, vacations not taken, overtime, uniformity, footwear, tool wear, etc. – Non-recognition of our Union Section, seriously breaching the LOLS, denying the right to free association, information and negotiation of our comrades. – Illegal dismissals. The company unilaterally decides to terminate the employment relationship with 49 workers based on a dismissal from the end of work and service. Once again, the cheapest option for the company, twelve days of compensation per year worked. It should be noted that the valuation of those days is completely fraudulent and below the SMI Faced with this situation, our union section responds with a widely supported strike and pickets at the company headquarters. The claim is clear: 1- Full reinstatement of the dismissed staff, this time under current legal conditions according to the applicable agreement. 2- Payment of the salary debt with twelve months of retroactivity plus default interest. 3- Recognition of our union section and respect for the dignity of workers. The company seems to back down at first, but it was only a strategy to try to dilute direct action and its media coverage. On the sixth of May the dismissals are effective. It is not possible to continue the strike from the INEM. The legal path is already open and all this has already been denounced, but bourgeois justice is slow and tailored to the bosses. We are forced to reclaim our traditional weapons of struggle: – Direct action. Informational pickets at the headquarters of each city. – Boycott of the company. Do not consume Just Eat or establishments that use it. – Sabotage the scab. – Maximum diffusion to damage the image of these exploiters. Boycott and diffusion in RRSS. We started this campaign with the hope of recovering our jobs in conditions of stability and labor dignity. We need all the support that is possible. The enemy is great, the fight must be titanic. We say goodbye with our eyes fixed on the future, not only ours, but that of the entire working class dragged into capitalist precariousness. They think we are weak, we will prove them wrong. LONG LIVE THE STRUGGLE OF THE WORKING CLASS! LONG LIVE THE CNT-AIT! Health and Strength to those who fight. Riders Union Section of CNT-AIT Alicante.