On the morning of February 22, Cristian (Mestre), a CNT-AIT Granada colleague, was prosecuted, decreeing provisional imprisonment without bail and being assigned to Albolote prison. Our comrade was one of several arrested in the protests against police brutality in Linares and the imprisonment of Pablo Hase l. In Granada there have been 6, in addition to the more than a hundred detainees in the rest of the State. Of which 4 have entered provisional prison in Barcelona, ​​2 in Granada. It may have been many more, if we take into account the deplorable work of the disinformation media during the past days, which pay more attention to the destruction of street furniture than to the violation of freedom of expression or the brutal attacks against protesters by the part of the police force. Due to the aforementioned, we consider it extremely necessary to share the real conditions of his detention . It was produced on the night of February 20 by four secret policemen. Since then he has been detained and held incommunicado. After spending two nights in jail, the morning of February 22 was brought to justice. At the hearing, provisional imprisonment was decreed without giving reasons for it. Although the repressive mechanisms of the State and their absolute incoherence are already known , we consider this imprisonment extremely arbitrary. We believe that at its root is the most absolute political repression , in the form of exemplary punishment that tries to silence the anger that we have expressed in the streets in recent weeks. We ask SOLIDARITY , because all is little . Enough so that the forces change sides and we can free our companions. The repressive avalanche to which we are subjected in many parts of the State cannot go unpunished or demobilize us. May their attacks catch us organized. We believe that no one should face their violence alone, and from CNT-AIT Granada we want to show our support and outrage, as well as to record that far from demoralizing us, this situation gives us more reasons to continue fighting, with all our tools, for fall of a repressive and arbitrary system that will try to sink the social struggle and silence us. We demand freedom for all the prisoners . Your repression does not intimidate us! MASTER FREEDOM!


Source: Awsm.nz