Alumalsa is the biggest aluminium cast plant in Spain. It employs hundreds of workers and CNT has a large union section in it. It is located near Zaragoza and the company belongs to a large Canadian multinational group, Linama.

The management plans to make 40% of the workforce redundant. But CNT has called a strike to stop the redundancies https://www.cnt.es/noticias/primer-dia-de-huelga-indefinida-en-alumalsa/.

The strike began on Sunday at 22:00 with the night shift and continued on Monday. It is being overwhelmingly supported by the workers. CNT’s assessment of the strike is very positive this far and its union section is encouraging the workers to stay firm and keep up the struggle against redundancies and to defend all jobs in Alumalsa.

ICL and its sections are sending their solidarity to the workers and will be supporting their struggle in any way they deem necessary. Stay strong, comrades!

Images: CNT de Zaragoza

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