Once again, the Madrid anarchist book meeting is held, we consider it necessary to promote spaces where we can bring together the different anarchist positions both among ourselves and towards society and, without a doubt, because we are in the most interconnected society and yet in the period when we disconnection there. —- We live in times where deepening and debate have become sentences of 200 characters and texts that, individually, are read, as long as they are not too long … —- For this, and much more, we continue to forge spaces where we can debate, get to know each other and deepen the fight against a childish culture that encourages individualism and condemns us to isolation through fear and technocratic-health justification, now that we are condemned to social distancing It is when it is most necessary to know how to spread and put into practice the libertarian culture, that of solidarity, mutual support, responsibility .The event will take place on December 4, 5 and 6 at the premises of CNT-AIT Tirso de Molina

XVIII Encuentro del Libro Anarquista de Madrid

Source: Awsm.nz