November 25, 2020
From Takku (Finland)

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[Finnish version]

A small, cozy wooden house was squatted on 13.12. in kivihaka, Helsinki, “finland” on the corner of roads Hämeenlinnanväylä (E12) and Hakamäentie.

We all need space to live and be in. Space to sleep, cook, meet each other, perform mutual projects, study and develop ourselves, organize events, create new and to have fun. These kinds of spaces are not distributed fairly in hierarchically organized society. When some let their “owned” buildings sit empty, others are without communal spaces or even homes. Besides this, there are numerous places that are not safe if you’re something else than a white cis-hetero male or even open at all for poor people. This feels unfair and pisses us off. Something must be done!

So we chose to act, not by running in the endless treadmill or begging for alms but by direct action. We found an empty house and blew life into it. Here we can find each other and live our lives together.

Besides surviving, this is an attempt to step outside unsustainable capitalistic system and against it. And it’s not just for us, the whole world needs alternatives for this life draining machine.

Kattila is a safer space, so we don’t accept any kind of racist, classist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist behaviour.

Don’t bring any kinds of authoritarian symbols, or photograph inside the house. Our kitchen is vegan.

Cops, security, politicians or on duty journalists are not welcome at the house. Rank-and-file members of political parties or their youth organizations are welcome to the publicly announced events.