January 1, 1970
From Anarchist News

via contra info, English translation by Anarchist News

[Italian State] Start of the “Bialystok” trial -Francesca joins the prison hunger strike

The start of the Operation Bialystok trial: The request of the prosecutor for an immediate trial has been accepted for Fra, Nico, Flavia, Roby, Claudio y Daniele. The first hearing in the Assise court will be in Rome on December 14, at 9:30 am.

Fra joins the prison hunger strike.

We’ve come to learn from her lawyer, that Fra joined the prison hunger strike that began on 19/10 in solidarity with the anarchists Beppe and Davide. We’re also told that the prison had blocked all the letters in which she wanted to communicate this decision along with her reflections.


[Italian State] Alfredo and Beppe join in hunger strike in prison

From the letters we’ve received in this period we inform that comrade Beppe as well, imprisoned in the PavĂ­a prison along with two other prisoners will start a prison hunger strike along with Nico and Juan. Alfredo in Ferrara has also made know his adherence to it.


Source: Anarchistnews.org