February 25, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        Not that long ago two prisoners died on hunger strike in one of Turkey’s many prisons. A vicious and inhumane set of circumstances that we expect from a deluded dictator like Erdogan. However, here in the EU, that self proclaimed, bastion of democracy such barbarity should be unthinkable, it is forty years since a prisoner died in a European prison due to the intransigence of the state to a hunger striker’s requests. That is shortly about to change as the Greek state, probably the most right wing state apparatus in Europe, sits back and lets Dimitris Koufontinas die a slow agonising death after 45 days of hunger strike. Greece, like all other states, consider its authoritarian system and its package of enforced legislation, as more valuable than the life of a citizen.
      Of course the people in that patch of soil called Greece, don’t take such savage barbarity lying down, and they deserve all the support and solidarity we can muster, as the face down this murderous act by the state.  

The following from Act For Freedom Now:

           “They follow you secretly and openly gangs and torturers and search
day and night to find you but there is no trail to follow because they
were never poets to worship the soil they tread on” 

           On the night of Friday 5/2 we placed an incendiary device in one of the entrances to the courts of Evelpidon (specifically that of the lawyers) wanting to support the struggle of the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas. The attack on the central structures of the judiciary is a response to a very clear political choice. The central governmental authority in direct collaboration with the representatives of civil justice is leading to the comrade’s death or at best to irreparable damage to his health. This political decision to assassinate Dimitris Koufontinas cannot go unanswered. Violating even their own legal tools, first legislating an photographic device to remove him from the agricultural prison now they are denying him the obvious, his transfer to Korydallos prison.
         The whole bourgeoisie and especially its head viciously and vigorously seeks the physical extermination of one of its political opponents, whose contribution to class struggles and to the appropriation of revolutionary violence by the oppressed, deeply challenged the omnipotence of the State beast and practically challenged its monopoly of violence.
         Their own murderous insistence must be answered with our comradely and fighters’ solidarity. We call on every part of the movement to sharpen its action and stand as a bulwark against the murder of the hunger striker. Dimitris Koufontinas is a link in the chain of the history of the revolutionary movement and part of our struggles. With this action we declare to his tormentors, blinded by authoritarian arrogance, that they must seriously consider the political costs that they will be called upon to manage if they attempt to murder the comrade.
Victory to the hunger strike of the revolutionary communist Dimitris Koufontinas

Cell of anarchist attack

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