May 16, 2021
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May 15, 2021

Every Picture Tells a Story – Gaza Destruction by State of Israel edition 

The photos in this post were found at the Site #PALESTINEUNDERATTACK

Gaza Strip VIII 5.15.2021.jpgGaza Strip XIII 5.15.2021.jpgGaza Strip XV 5.15.2021.jpgGaza Strip V 5.15.2021.jpg

Gaza Strip X 5.15.2021.jpg Protests around the World

gaza-strip-vi-5.15.2021.jpgGaza Strip XII 5.15.2021Gaza Strip IX 5.15.2021.jpg

Gaza Strip XVI 5.15.2021.jpg Al Jazeera and AP offices destroyed by State of Israel

Gaza Strip I 5.14.2021

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