March 29, 2021
From No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (UK)

On 23rd March, Resist Anti-Trespass (R-AT  🐀) occupied former Vapiano restaurant on Wardour St in Soho, to share joy and free pizza with everyone. They’ve created a beautiful well looked after space in solidarity with anyone protesting PCSC (Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill), and to show what creative and positive action trespass can be.

From Day 1, they received threats from police and withstand several attempts of forced entry and continued hassasment.

On 25th March, under the pretext of fake gas leak, their space was besieged by police from midday till 8pm when the riot police violently entered their home, destroyed it with rage and brutally assaulted 4 people inside by throwing them on the ground, chocking and punching them unconscious to the point where an Ambulance was needed, and people were sent to the hospital.

After nearly 24 hours arrest they were released without bail or charges, pending ‘investigation’.

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