October 5, 2020
From Stand Up To Racism (UK)

We are reaching the culmination of the five year trial of the Nazi criminals and murderers in Greece, known as Golden Dawn (GD).

The open admirers of Hitler are accused of numerous crimes and multiple killings. Some 350 witnesses and over 100 lawyers have contested one of the most important trials seen in Greece. The trial has implications internationally. It’s the longest court trial of nazis since Nuremberg, after WW2.

Who are Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn leader Michaloliakos and his “storm battalions” (echoing Hitler’s stormtroopers) unleashed terror on refugees, trades unionists, any who stood up to oppose them.

Golden Dawn members killed the anti fascist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas, (Killah P) in 2013. Pavlos would play at anti nazi events held by the anti fascist movement. Golden Dawn also were involved in the murder of the young Pakistani, Shehzad Luqman.

The organisation’s leaders deny the nazi Holocaust. Against a background of deep economic crisis, it scapegoated refugees and other minorities. Anti racists, MPs and trade unionists were physically targeted by Golden Dawn thugs.

Golden Dawn had 18 MPs in the Greek parliament. Due to unrelenting, inspiring work by anti racist and anti fascist campaign KEERFA and others, they lost all their representatives in the last general election, both in parliament and across Europe. They have no offices and are a shadow of their former prominence.

Greek prosecutors have put Golden Dawn on trial because of long running campaigning by Greek anti fascists. General Strikes by public sector workers and others in honour of Pavlos were central in pushing back GD. As anti fascists in Britain we pay tribute to KEERFA for all their enormous efforts.

Their mass, united front work has brought the downfall of Golden Dawn. They have played a critical role in curbing the return of fascism, in a land where once of course, Jews and others were deported to concentration camps.

Anti fascists in Greece have made history. They have withstood huge pressure and attacks from Golden Dawn (and some in the state) and will, we trust, be triumphant this week. The far right group, Greeks for the Homeland, aims to take the space the bankrupt Golden Dawn occupied. KEERFA and allies will, we know, be the most powerful opponents of those who wish to return to Greek’s darkest times.

Source: Standuptoracism.org.uk