January 20, 2021
From IWW Dorset (UK)

No Safety No Work

With the pandemic out of control it has never been more important for workers to take action over unsafe working conditions, low wages and lack of proper sick pay. Throughout the pandemic, the mainstream unions have offered advice and talked with employers but strikes have been few and very localised. There have been no calls for national co-ordinated industrial action. (See post on teachers: https://nosafetynowork.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/johnsons-revenge-and-williamsons-class-war/) Instead, the base unions have led the way in supporting workers in workplaces largely ignored by other unions.

Care workers, cleaners and maintenance workers at Sage Nursing Home organised in the United Voices of the World grassroots union went out on a three day strike from 15th January. This comes after months of negotiations with the trustees of Sage over the demand for a ÂŁ12 per hour pay rise and the sick pay and annual leave equivalent to what NHS workers receive.


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