May 12, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Another bad week for the Royal family as the State opening of Parliament, and Prince Charles’s reading of the Queen’s speech, generated huge criticism – for both it’s pro-ruling class content, and the absurd antiquated ceremonial format & display of wealth…in the midst of a major economic crisis causing misery across the country.

With pervert Prince Andrew’s sex crimes now common knowledge; and Prince Harry’s ‘cake & eat it’ attitude the subject of derision – both are now banned from the Royal Balcony wave-fest because they no longer carry out formal ‘Royal duties’. Both remain very rich and privileged, neither have ever actually worked for a living. But as the old Queen edges ever closer to her royal grave, the very foundations of this hereditary con-trick are begining to crack & fall apart. Recent Royal visits to Caribbean nations have been met by protests, and some cancellations, over the Royal’s historic links to the slave trade, as more nations seek to end their ties to Britain. Even the BBC can’t ignore the stink, in their latest article to touch on the topic they quote Arley Gill, Grenada’s Ambassador to Caricom, the Caribbean community of 20 countries:

In addition to a formal apology for slavery from the British government, Mr Gill would like to see an apology from the Queen. “The royal family played a critical part in sanctioning and participating in the slave trade and slavery. They must not be exempted from accepting their responsibility,” he said. He is not alone.

Members of the 17th century Royal family headed up the Royal African Company, which for decades held a monopoly on the rights of British merchants to profit from the transatlantic slave trade – until the likes of Bristol’s Society of Merchant Venturers also got in on the act. The profit generated from the slave trade made the Royal’s, and the merchants, extremely richer, and that wealth has stayed in their hands, and kept their class in power. As wealth inequality continues to expand across Britain, it’s no surprise the work-shy privileged Royals and their ilk are facing the wrath of many people as they continue to display their arrogance, absurd ceremonies, and anti-democratic hereditary positions. The Queen may or may not be dead by the time of the Jubilee in 3 weeks, but many are turning their backs on it anyway and looking to a Royal-free future.

In east Bristol alone, a 3 day multi-venue ‘Fuck the Jubilee’ festival is planned (FB link), with bands, dj’s and other fun and games. This is a counter to the planned Jubilee celebrations, which are being led by the usual arse-licking suspects – the corporations, church, and those in outdated ceremonial roles designed to foster loyalty & subservience. One wonders if Bristol’s lame-duck Labour Mayor Rees will participate, given his claim he may be descended from a slave family? Given his ego & lust for power, we suspect he’ll doff his cap and fit right in!

But it’s been lame Prince Charles’s speech to open Parliament that has really unleashed a wave of revulsion, hatred and humour, that’s got #AbolishTheMonarchy trending. Charles may have generated a bit of a tree-hugger image, but never forget that “he is the head (or the very willing figurehead) of a vast empire of nefarious financial interests hiding hypocritically behind a facade of charitable philanthropy.” (see this expose). Here’s just a few examples of the online comments we’ve seen:

The ‘Imperial  State Crown’ got it in the neck too:

The ‘family on benefits’ theme got a good reworking too:

Scottish sentiment is clear too, unsurprising given how long they’ve been colonised by the Royals & English ruling class:

Even the carefully groomed and spun image of the future ‘King’ William is being ripped apart:

They may choose resignation over abolition and the guillotine, but bring on the republic and a social revolution!