October 11, 2020
From IWW Dorset (UK)

An injury to one is an injury to all

Knowing the law is useful, because when landlords don’t follow it you can use it against them. But most of the time the law isn’t on our side, and we can’t rely on it to make sure we’re treated fairly. While it should be seen as the floor for basic human decency, it’s usually a ceiling.

If you’ve rented, you’ve probably talked with other tenants about how to deal with a dodgy landlord and survive a market stacked in their favour. Maybe you’ve even gone with a fellow tenant to speak to your landlord about a problem. These conversations and actions are the basis of solidarity.

With this in mind, we’ve created guides providing the basics in housing law, and a primer on why we advocate direct action solidarity over the courts. The state has shown that it will only begrudgingly support tenants, extending moratoriums on evictions for short periods…

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