October 21, 2020
From Idavox

This group isn’t exactly lighting a fire under anyone, not even the people among their circles. So folks just show up to ridicule them. But its a LOT of folks showing up to do so!

UPDATE: We have added more information about the reason why the effigy of Trump was burned.

BOSTON, MA – The speeches the neo-fascists try to give during Saturday’s rally could hardly be heard by those outside their pen, and many of those inside seemed to be more focused on taunting those opposing them who overwhelmed their numbers at Copely Square. But one could still hear John Hugo of the ironically-named Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) declare that billionaires are America’s enemies – while promoting his support for Donald Trump.

Just over thirty persons participated in what they called a “peaceful protest against Democrat violence,” as at least three times that number countered them and called them out for this particular group’s hatemongering under the guise of defending freedom of speech. Ironically, as this group protested against violence coming from their political adversaries, many of those rightists who participated in the hate rally have themselves engaged in violence, including organizer Mark Sahady who attacked women at the Boston Women’s March last year, and has once opined, “We may get to throw anti-American communists out of helicopters sooner than we thought,” a reference to Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s tactic of killing at least 120 Chilean citizens he considered dissidents by throwing them from helicopters.

The organization, which in the past four years has been called Boston Free Speech and once operated as a chapter of Resist Marxism, has been seen as a front for several other neo-Fascist groups to organize behind. Under the Boston Free Speech banner, they were responsible for the miniscule rally in Boston the week after the tragic “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville where they invited neo-fascist attorney Augustus Invictus. The rally brought out few of their members but over 40,000 people to oppose them.

Hugo, Sahady and Samson Racioppi, a pro-cannibis activist who had to resign his chairmanship at Boston NORML after their June pro-Police rally that included members of the newly-formed Nationalist Social Club, have been the primary figures in its forefront, but associates of other groups such as the Proud Boys and the American Guard have been prominent as well. New Hampshire American Guard officer John Camden, a regular at SHFA rallies who was also formerly a member of Connecticut White Wolves and briefly had his own group, the Aryan Rebels, was providing security along with another SHFA mainstay, Brandon Navom who video captured punching one counterprotester. The American Guard was founded by Brien James, the founder of the neo-Nazi Vinlander Social Club who currently is also a Proud Boy member.

Despite this, SHFA’s rally were able to include a number of individuals of color that included SHFA associate Sam Johnson, who says he is a gay, Black Trump supporter and is especially hostile to women, particularly Black women. At one point while he was attempting to antagonize the counterprotesters, he told a female protester to “Shut her god—–d mouth!” Another was someone who might be an exception to that rule, longshot congressional candidate Rayla Campbell who says she is running to unseat Alyanna Pressley. A well-known antagonist, last week she was accused of threatening a New Hampshire Republican official and his family for removing her from a Facebook page.

Eli Larabee was another who participated in the rally, four months after getting questioned by police for attempting to recruit what he called “Roof Koreans” – a reference to the Korean shopkeepers that stood on store roofs with rifles during the Los Angeles Rebellion in 1992.

Those opposing the SHFA rally drowned out their speakers with their chants, drums and horns and also scuffled with police, resulting in two arrests. One group calling itself the “Sacred Church of AntifA Soros Chaos Magick” held a ritual where actress Lauren Pespisa portrayed journalist and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who in June 2019 accused former CBS CEO Les Moonves and Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s and is pursuing Trump’s DNA in court in a defamation suit, tore out Donald Trump’s heart, Trump being portrayed by Embry Galen. Later all the artists involved burned Trump in effigy along with a US Flag.

On Tuesday, the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) attempted to target one protester by doxing them in a tweet for what they said was not treating them with dignity and respect during the rally. That person hadn’t worked at the establishment they targeted for some time.

Super Happy Fun America ended their rally and left under police guard with more than 45 minutes left on their permit. After they left, antifa took over the spot in front of the Boston Public Library where they stood and held their own rally before departing.

Source: Idavox.com