May 13, 2022
From Gatorna (Sweden)


The nascent (or maybe
already born as a fact) Russian fascism was condemned by the comrades
around the world. There is a huge desire to contribute to its
destruction. Some of the comrades could
join to the international brigades in
Ukraine. But not everyone has a such
opportunity. It is possible to
help financially. And comrades help by raising funds for equipment
for the fighters at the front.

more effective anti-fascist struggle means that fascism must be
attacked on all fronts, not just outside. The
destruction of fascism only in
the process of military clashes, only by external forces
is both difficult and it means
a lot of problems for people’s lives.

And how
can we, those who are on this side of the front, in the Russian
Federation and Belarus, just sit and quietly wait until the
liberation will be brought to us?

No and
no again.
All of those who are not indifferent, who are against this
war must open new, internal fronts, must act where you can – at the
workplace, on the streets, in the cities where you live.

And the
comrades who are in solidarity with anti-fascist and anti-imperialist
struggle are happy to support us in this undertaking.

to the help of well-wishers, we, the Anarchist Fighter, have the
opportunity to provide financial support to those who have chosen the
path of fight against the system. The
liberals have funds to help those detained at anti-war rallies.
Anarchists in general have the Anarchist Black Cross which offers aid
to all anarchists in detention.

But we
want to support those who aren’t behind bars yet. Who has embarked on
the path of a professional revolutionary, who is fighting, and who
needs funds for it. Money to buy oil and petrol. Money to buy weapons
and ammunition. Funds for communications and transport.

we announce the launch of the Revolutionary Anarchist Fund, ready to give money for all of this.

understand that among those who read us, there are executioners and
punishers who want to disrupt the support of partisans by any means.

we will not publish openly the specifics on how the money will be
provided – we will only say that, obviously, cryptocurrencies will
be used.

And, we
hope for understanding, but at least at the moment it is possible to
allocate funds only to those who have already approved themselves as
partisans (at least in some format), ready for direct action, and in
proportion to the performed/planned action.

course, we do not need your personal data – only confirming the
reality of actions and intentions – a unique photo / video
recording of already performed actions and location (if there is
confirmation in media, then it’s super).

At the
same time, be sure to remove metadata from photos and videos (if you
don’t know how, write to us) – once again, we are in no way aimed
at deanonymizing of recipients.

If you
have additional questions or you are ready to become a recipient of
the RevAnarchoFund, please write to us at [email protected]


is opportunity for everyone to donate money for the functioning of
the Fund.


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We will
be glad for your support!

Struggle! Revolution!

Anarchist Fighter